The Start-up Center

Garson Law: The Start-up Center

You’ve got a great idea and now you need to move it from your head, desk or basement into a business. As you move forward, we invite you to avoid ready-fire-aim syndrome by considering our tips and resources for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re prototyping a global franchise, hoping to eventually scale your new business to enterprise level, or simply planning for a small but well-designed solo endeavor, the Start-up Center at Garson Law is here to help you along on your path to success.

Checklist for Creating Your New Business

We’d love to meet with you and learn more about your plans. We find business start-ups fascinating and exciting — so much so that we celebrate when things go well for the entrepreneurs we know, cringe when we discover they’re making an avoidable mistake, and occasionally wake up in the wee hours of the night with an idea for solving a problem or grasping a new opportunity.

In other words, we actually take your success as seriously as you do. So, here’s a checklist of things you should consider before our meeting.

Jack Garson Speaks About Key Topics in Growing Your Business
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How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions

How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions

A lot of lawyers know business law. Jack Garson knows business. He understands that a business needs to be designed from day one for eventual purchase by another company — a company that’s willing to pay good money. It’s the ultimate payday for an entrepreneur who wants to live the American dream. Millions of dollars are at stake. But will you and your business be ready when a cash-rich suitor comes calling? Read Jack’s book to find out!