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Welcome to the Garson Library, where you will find a variety of articles authored by Jack Garson and his colleagues at Garson Law.

While these articles certainly don’t take the place of legal advice from our attorneys, they do offer you additional insight and supplement the education we strive to impart as we seek to empower our clients.

Toward that end, we also recommend Jack’s book, How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions (from St. Martin’s Press), as well as his articles in the influential Huffington Post, for which he is a featured contributor on news-making business topics.

Previously, Jack wrote “The Legal Edge”, a monthly law column for SmartCEO, a leading business magazine in the Washington, D.C., region. Jack’s many published insights have led to interviews and profiles in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Washington Business Journal.

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How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions by Jack A. Garson
  Jack Garson says the long economic downturn will give way to a major buying spree by cash-rich companies—and they could be in the market to purchase your small or medium-sized business. It’s the ultimate payday for everyone who wants to live the American dream, whether they’re starting a business or already own one. Millions of dollars are on the table. But will you and your business be ready?
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Garson Law Website Photography

Photographer Nic Daughtry Mammoth Hike, SD

Images play such important roles on a website. For, they convey something of our personality, our values, and our attitude toward this community we call home.

Scenes of bustling Georgetown, new construction in the region, the raging Great Falls of the Potomac River, the placid Tidal Basin that reflects iconic monuments of our nation’s capital, all speak to our pride as residents of the Washington, D.C., area.

We chose our website images carefully. They are all original pictures custom created for Garson Law by local photographer Nic Daughtry. (Browse through some of Nic's photographs below). We picked Nic not only because we believe in supporting D.C.-area businesses and creative professionals, but also because he so artfully captures human beings’ drive to create meaningful expression and our enduring--we hope, beneficial--presence amid Nature’s grandeur.

Nic graduated with honors in 2016 from George Mason University with a BFA in Art and Visual Technology and a concentration in Photography; he also received GMU’s Academic and Artistic Excellence award. Prior to attending GMU, Nic was a musician having devoted his childhood and high school years to studying music rigorously. He eventually found himself playing bass guitar in bands in New York City, where he was immersed in the creative atmosphere of the city and inspired by his friends, all of whom were devoted to the arts in one way other another.

That’s where Nic bought his first camera and fell in love with photography. He began experimenting, creating images with different cameras and traditional film formats. New York being a walking city, he brought his camera everywhere, framing shots of buildings in his mind’s eye like a cinematographer. Nic’s photos began attracting attention, and his early work soon became published.

Nic now uses a professional-level Canon DSLR for most of his work. But he’s not one to chat about lens focal lengths, f-stops and other camera-geek details. For him, the camera he happens to use is simply a means to successfully capture his vision. He’s much more interested in making art, following his intuition, pondering the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of each image rather than the ‘how’ of technique.

Seeing the world through the eyes of an artist like Nic reminds us that we are both stewards of natural resources and public lands, as well as partners in the creation of a built environment that, at its best, can exist in harmony with the treasures Earth has already provided. See more of Nic’s work at
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